November 10 & 11


Kondo Simfukwe

Kondo Simfukwe is an advocate for vulnerable populations, a sought-after speaker, host, and event emcee committed to bringing people together and reminding us of our shared humanity. Whether speaking at a fundraiser, conference or hosting a national sporting event, Kondo delights audiences with curiosity in every interaction, making people feel seen and valued.

Crediting the generosity of those who have believed in his potential, Kondo is grateful for those who made his education possible. Born in England, raised in Zambia, and educated in Australia and the U.S., his multicultural upbringing instilled in him a profound appreciation for the blend of brilliance and brokenness in the human story, especially that of vulnerable and marginalized populations. Passionate about sharing his heart with others, as early as 16 years old, he started inspiring audiences from the stage. Going on to receive his master’s degree in Biblical Studies and Behavioral Science & Counseling, Kondo’s background laid the foundation for his articulation of the human experience and desire to be loved.

After a trip to Haiti with his wife, Melissa, they felt moved by their faith to adopt three sisters from Haiti—a decision that changed their lives forever. Together, they have become advocates for vulnerable populations, foster youth, and adoption. He believes regardless of our circumstances, we all have the power to change the life of a vulnerable child.

Whatever the topic, at the heart of Kondo’s messages lies his desire to celebrate and give meaning to every human story. As a profound storyteller, Kondo inspires people to move from a place of hurt to healing, brokenness to beauty, marginalized to centralized, and disconnected to connected. He is best known for his talks on advocacy for vulnerable populations and adoption. His popular keynotes have been featured at events, including the Christian Alliance For Orphans, Lifesong for Orphans, Helping Hand Home, Momentum Youth Conference, RE: Conference, and Replanted Conference, often sharing the stage with fellow advocates, including Tim Tebow, NBA on TNT’s Ernie Johnson, comedian Michael Jr., Paralympian, Jessica Long, and others.

When Kondo is not on stage, he enjoys playing games with his family, attending his kids’ events, serving his church, running, playing tennis, or trekking the hiking trails of his hometown.

Kondo aspires to be remembered not only as a captivating speaker who brought people together but also as a man devoted to his family, a champion for equality, and someone who brought light and life into every space he walked into. In a divided world, Kondo’s message is a testament to the transformative power of empathy, advocacy, and human connection. Whether he’s crafting narratives on the stage, indulging in a game of tennis, or leading his church’s initiatives, his mission remains the same—to celebrate and give meaning to every human story.

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